Systemised Medication Management
The ultimate focus of Mederev is to provide a safe and efficient method of managing medication ensuring transparency of information to all relevant parties.
Mederev provides Medication Reviews (HMR and RMMR’S) that can be accessed electronically enhancing health provider collaboration ensuring better medication outcomes.

Mederev Provides
Online Training Modules
Medication Management Audits & Competencies
RMMR's Online
HMR's Online
Online Manuals - Standardised Policies & Procedures

The Status    
Currently services and systems in Medication Management are often disjointed with lack of clarity around roles and responsibilities and confusion as to what works in what environment.
The Future    
Mederev are developing new IT products for the aged and community care to maximise medication safety and embrace IT technology.
Mederev provides online training for aged care facilities with the training being available to aged care facility staff to do at their own time.